A dataflow extension to CLOS


Cells is a mature, stable extension to CLOS that allows you to create classes, the instances of which have slots whose values are determined by a formula. Think of the slots as cells in a spreadsheet (get it?), and you've got the right idea. You can use any arbitrary Common Lisp expression to specify the value of a cell. The Cells system takes care of tracking dependencies among cells, and propagating values. It is distributed under an MIT-style license.

There are still some resources over at the old Cells homepage at Kenny Tilton's tilton-technology.com site.

Related projects

The Cells-Gtk project is a Cells-based wrapper for the Gtk GUI toolkit, developed originally by Vasilis Margioulas.

The Cello project is a Cells-based, portable GUI toolkit. It is currently in a prerelease state, and for now has been brought under this Cells project for support and any new development.

Mailing Lists



If your Lisp system has asdf-install, you can install Cells with the following command:

(asdf-install:install :cells)

Otherwise, download the distribution from here and follow the instructions in README.


For now, just the stuff you can find on the original Cells home page here.

Source downloads

You can browse the CVS repository of Cells-Gtk code here.

The repository of all other Cells code (including Cello) is here.

In there you will find the Cells code itself here, which also requires Kenny's favorite CL utilities found here.